Enrollment for the Business Freedom Blueprint is currently closed.
We'll be offering it again soon, so please check back or call the office if you're interested in participating.


How would you feel having the luxury of working with customers you love, a steady stream of rewarding income, and the FREEDOM to enjoy your life . . . all the while knowing that you never again need to struggle in your business?

This really is possible for you . . . .

Discover the step-by-step system for creating true success in a business that authentically serves others, generates skyrocketing sales, and pays more to you without requiring more of you!


Business Freedom Blueprint  is a 6-week training and coaching course. It teaches a clear and complete process of how to attract ideal customers and clients who buy from you time and time again. You'll learn how to create repeatable systems that are simple, doable and work while you sleep.

The Business Freedom Blueprint program is designed for business leaders who are successful in their own right, but want to take their businesses to the next level – to finally reap the rewards of building a business that everyone loves.

Created by Holly McCann (formerly Holly Bretshneider), Fat Cat's business coach since 2013,  we are thrilled to have the exclusive rights to offer this program.

No matter what type of business you own, the Business Freedom Blueprint will create the best results for people who are really motivated, and who are ready to make progress now.

Here’s what you get:

> 6 Weekly Pre-Recorded Modules The first module will be released on April 16th, and a new module will open up each week. You'll have lifetime access to these recordings, so you'll have complete freedom to take the course at your own pace, and as many times as you want. Each module is available in video and audio formats.

  • Module 1: What Do You Offer? (opens 4/16/18)
  • Module 2: Who Is Your Ideal Customer?
  • Module 3: Your Magnetic Marketing Message
  • Module 4: Your Magnetic Online Presence
  • Module 5: Selling Without Being Salesy
  • Module 6: Systems of Success

> Next Step Action Packs Every module includes a packet filled with checklists, exercises, assessments and tools – which gets you out of the theory of each module and into action.

> A weekly 90-minute group Q&A call with Pam Gurman (founder of Fat Cat Business Academy) following each weekly Module. Calls will be held on Thursdays at noon.

> Pathway to Freedom On-Ramp Pack As soon as you sign up, you will have instant access to these bonus worksheets to help set you up for fantastic results.  – You'll receive: 1) Commitment to Freedom Contract; 2) Success Accelerator; and 3) Limiting Belief Turn-Around Tool.

> Membership to a private Facebook group for unlimited support, wisdom and love from Team Fat Cat, and your fellow course-mates.

> Two bonus follow up group Q&A calls. After the 6 weeks is over, and you've had some time to implement the lessons into your business, we will have two additional Q&A calls. 

Here are just some of the ways that you can transform your business by going through the step-by-step tutorials and applying what you’ll learn in the Business Freedom Blueprint program:

• You’ll get clear about your priorities, goals, and purpose for your business – and about what you uniquely offer.

• You will get to know your ideal customers and how to communicate to them in your marketing.

• You will learn practical, do-able ways to attract results to you through your online marketing and social media.

• You will learn how to “wow” your customers before, during and after your interactions.

• You will be given practical ways to sell more without being “sales-y.”

• You will learn how to network and cross-market to be sure that you have a steady stream of ideal customers and sales.

• You will receive practical tips and techniques for getting more and more rave reviews, testimonials, and referrals.

• You will build a sense of control so that you no longer manage your business in firefighter mode.

• You will stop surviving and start thriving in your business.

• Best of all – you get a process – a step-by-step guide that starts you on your way and builds momentum – making you virtually unstoppable.

Here’s your chance to do something differently, to learn how to do it better, to BE someone who leads a successful, wealthy, service-based, happy and authentic life – and who knows how to create consistently stellar results in their business!

And by the way – whether you’ve only owned your business for a short time or if you’ve been in business for decades – you’ll discover strategies and tips here designed to show you exactly how your business can become all that you originally envisioned for it. Let’s do this . . . TOGETHER!

About Pam Gurman


Pam Gurman, is the creator of the Fat Cat Universe (Fat Cat Graphics, Fat Cat Paperie & now Fat Cat Business Academy). She's a graphic designer by trade, and an entrepreneur in spirit.

In her 18+ years as a business owner, Pam has learned how to successfully run a profitable business while also maintaining a healthy balance with other parts of her life. And with her new business venture, Fat Cat Business Academy, she is thrilled to be able to teach others to do the same.

"It is my favorite thing to work with entrepreneurs to help them find clarity, reconnect with their passions, and watch them transform their business into something that supports their desired lifestyle, rather than sacrificing their lives for their business."

About Holly McCann


Holly McCann (formerly Holly Bretschneider) was the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Blue Sky Business Academy, where she worked with business leaders all over the world to create the marketing, systems and mindsets to soar to new heights of success in their business while having more freedom to enjoy their lives.

Her highly acclaimed Business Freedom Blueprint program, focuses on magnetic marketing and systems of success. She is also the creator of the revolutionary Wake Up to Your Wealth program, focused on the power we all possess to create a life of abundance. Holly was the President & Chief Style Officer of Salutations, an award-winning stationery boutique with two locations in North Carolina. Over her 12 years of ownership of Salutations, she worked to improve not only her boutiques but the stationery industry in general through collaborative efforts focused on mutual success. Prior to that, she spent 12 years as a lawyer and corporate executive.